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Jokes of the day

A man walked into a bar near Lexington, KY and ordered a beer just as Preznit Dubya appeared on the television. After a few sips, he looked up at the television and mumbled, "Now, there's the biggest horse's ass I've ever seen." A customer at the end of the bar quickly stood up, walked over to him and decked him. A few minutes later, as the man was finishing his beer, Dick Cheney appeared on the television. "He's a horse's ass too," the man said. This time a customer at the other end of the bar quickly stood up, walked over to him and knocked him flat. Climbing back up to the bar, the man said: "Damn! This must be Bush Country!" "Nope," the bartender replied. "It's Horse Country." - Joke 2 - A man is sitting in an airliner which is about to take off when a man in a uniform and a Labrador Retriever sits down beside him. The passenger looks quizzically at the dog, and the official explains that they both work for the airline. "Don't mind Sniffer. He's a sniffing dog, the best there is! I'll show you once we get airborne." The plane takes off and the handler says to the passenger, "Watch this. Sniffer... search!" Sniffer jumps down, walks along the aisle, and sits next to a woman for a few seconds. He then returns to his seat and puts one Paw on the handler's arm. He says, "Good boy." The airline rep turns to the first man and says, "That woman Is in possession of marijuana, so I'm making a note of this and her seat number for the police who will apprehend her on arrival." "Fantastic!" replies the first man. Once again the rep sends Sniffer to search the aisles. He sniffs about, sits down beside a man for a few seconds, returns to its seat, and places two paws on the handler's arm. The rep says, "That man is carrying cocaine, so again I'm making a note of this and the seat number." "I like it!" says the first man. A third time the rep sends Sniffer to search the aisles. Sniffer goes up and down the plane and after a while sits down next to someone. He then comes racing back, jumps up onto his seat, and poops a load on the floor. The passenger is grossed out. "What the hell is going on with this dog?" The handler nervously replies, "He just found a bomb."
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the panamar hat is wearin pantihose in the pantry with her pancreas in
the flyin pan, on the planet panet of plants& pants with pansies and
franjapanies,growing in a garden of lotuses and proteas,her palms are
small,but the pandas love the lil pancho.
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I found this in my inbox today. The subject line says it all:

"FruityLoops Studio 8 XXL Edition"

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I know this is kind of off-topic, but...

So I got this e-mail about something cool going on. I think it's such a great idea that I'm taking it upon myself to tell LJ about it.

Hail Yes

I hadn't even realized it was Discordia's 50th (or 49th) anniversary. This is cool 'cause we get to celebrate the 50 year mark for two years in a row. It's our Golden Apple anniversary. =)

I love the idea of an online party which brings together Discordians from all s
ections of the web. It's also cool that it's anonymous. It'll make communication really interesting. I hope to swap some of my ideas with other people's ideas, and maybe get a page or two written for the book PDF thing they're putting together.

Anyway, there's not a lot of time until the party starts, so I'm trying to pass the invite around as quickly as possible. If you have any ideas for where else we should advertise, please post! Or optimally, you should go there and get some buzz going.

PLEASE post to your blogs, facebook groups, forums, whatever, wherever Discordians hang out.

I'll see you guys at the party! Hail Eris and HAIL Yes!
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